Microsoft reportedly plans to turn Edge into a crypto and NFT wallet

Microsoft reportedly plans to turn Edge into a crypto and NFT wallet

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  1. More like adding a wallet to it instead of turning it into a wallet. Author doesn’t like crypto at all LOL “One feature reportedly in development could be the worst example yet: a crypto wallet.”

  2. it’s a trap! with all the security exploits, viruses, call center scams, etc. normies will get jacked. the feds will use this as an excuse to shut down crypto. joking….but sorta not.

  3. I hope it needs updates at least 4 times a day that require a restart. And always when I’m typing something out and I agree to reboot because it interrupted my typing with a pop-up prompt.

  4. TLDR:

    >Twitter user Albacore, who has a history of turning on and documenting in-development features in Windows and Microsoft apps before they are announced, shared screenshots of a crypto wallet in development for Microsoft Edge.
    >Microsoft Edge walks you through setting up a secure password for your crypto wallet, and once you’re done, you can send and receive cryptocurrency. It’s not clear which cryptocurrencies are supported, but Coinbase and MoonPay are listed as options for purchasing and depositing crypto, and cryptos like Ethereum and Dai Stablecoin are visible in the screenshots.

  5. This would be cool, with Bing/GPT integration right beside it.

    If someone is learning how to use their digital wallet or a dApp for the first time they can ask *it*, instead of finding themselves learning from SEO-BS articles written specifically to scam them.

    Microsoft isn’t sleeping as much as I thought. This could be really great.

  6. If this is true, and Microsoft starts shilling crypto and NFTs then we might even catch EOY 2021100K, that’s how bullish this is overall.

  7. Edge is just this *thing* that keeps appearing on my desktop no matter how many times I delete it, might actually be worthwhile keeping it if this turns out good.

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